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Meditation w/ Binaural Beats

Blog 002Meditation w/ Binaural Beats How does meditation work, well you sit with your legs crossed and say “Ooooohhhhmmmm” right!? Well, that’s one way, but the truth is, there Are many types of meditation, many ways to do it, and many benefits. I will be focusing on using binaural beats in this blog. How does meditation work? In the human brain, meditation can be seen to decrease anxiety and depression and increase tolerance to pain and change. Meditation has been shown to increase your alpha brain waves to help generate positive mood, while decreasing negative energy, mood and anger. I first tried meditation seriously during a year I was enrolled in a Tai Chi class in Chicago. I remember it being so...

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Welcome to Superstition By Sea!!!

Hi, I'm Chado. I will be your guide on this journey. The world has changed a lot in the past ten years, and we need new gear for the new ways we willbe experiencing this Earth. We have new cameras and more access to the internet and a million ways to connect with each other digitally. I love that! But we also are a movement ofpeople who are waking up everyday wishing for more. Wishing for something new.Wishing and Dreaming of something bigger! We want to find the unfound, we want to discover the undiscovered and we wantsee just how far we can go.  This is why I started Superstition by Sea. To do just that, be the hero in your ownlife. Explore more! Adventure more! Love more! Design more! and Document the journey! Everyday push yourself a little further. Whether that be personally, spiritually...

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