Meditation w/ Binaural Beats

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Meditation w/ Binaural Beats

How does meditation work, well you sit with your legs crossed and say “Ooooohhhhmmmm” right!? Well, that’s one way, but the truth is, there Are many types of meditation, many ways to do it, and many benefits.

I will be focusing on using binaural beats in this blog.

How does meditation work? In the human brain, meditation can be seen to decrease anxiety and depression and increase tolerance to pain and change.

Meditation has been shown to increase your alpha brain waves to help generate positive mood, while decreasing negative energy, mood and anger.

I first tried meditation seriously during a year I was enrolled in a Tai Chi class in Chicago. I remember it being so difficult. I have add and was under a great amount of stress at the time. It took weeks for me to see benefits. I would love to talk more about Tai Chi later in this blog.

But not all of us have weeks to get up to speed and see benefits! I have a quickstart hack to help ease you into it and help you see benefits almost instantly.

The solution: apps and youtube!

After years without meditation I found myself very reliant on medication for anxiety disorder, constant restlessness, acute insomnia and depression. My doctor had run out of drugs to “Fix” me and I was ready for a change. That’s when I remembered my Tai Chi training and our intense hour or longer meditation practices.

But it’s been ten years. So I tried several apps. Unwilling to pay for the better ones like Headspace, recommended by the likes of Tim Ferriss. I found omgmeditate on the app store and under a day of extreme stress, I used their free 5 minute guided meditation to center myself and decrease a portion of my anxiety. I did this laying flat on the ground outside with headphones on. Laying in the grass will also help you “ground” yourself.

So I repeated this 5 minute meditation every time I felt overwhelmed. But guided meditations Are not always easy to come by. You can find some great ones on youtube by Tara Brach.

How Binaural Beats work:

Binaural beats work by putting two different tones in 2 different wavelengths and putting one in

each ear and your brain creates a frequency in between and will begin vibrating at this state within a few minutes of listening. This is a beautiful hack to quickly put yourself into a meditative state quickly without much practice with meditation! For this to work, you need HEADPHONES!

What I suggest is a good pair of headphones and some good positive things to think about. Like imagine your best version of your day, visualize what you want in life. Visualize a change in your behavior. And of course remember to breathe deeply. And that’s it! Right now I listen to binaural beats once a day for 20 minutes before I begin work. After a week i notice a huge difference as to my overall mood and anxiety levels!

Let me know in the comments what you think and if this post was helpful!


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